The Nissan NV200 features a compact and boxy exterior design, optimized for maneuverability in city environments. It has a straightforward and functional appearance, with large windows for enhanced visibility. Sliding side doors make it easy to access the cargo area even in tight spaces. Inside, the NV200 offers a surprisingly spacious cargo area considering its compact size. The rear cargo space is designed to maximize utility and can be configured for various commercial purposes. The front cabin provides a comfortable driving position with straightforward controls and ample storage compartments. The cargo area of the NV200 is designed to accommodate a range of cargo types. It can be upfitted to suit different business needs, whether that's carrying tools and equipment, making deliveries, or providing mobile services. Despite its compact dimensions, the NV200 offers a surprisingly generous cargo volume. The NV200 is often praised for its fuel efficiency, making it cost-effective for businesses that require regular city driving. It is designed to be an economical choice both in terms of purchase price and ongoing operating costs. Safety features like airbags, stability control, and antilock brakes are typically included to provide a safe driving experience.